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First, Drive Set & Forget Automated Viral Traffic From Hottest Image Sharing Giant- Instagram (Valued at $1300)
With your main purchase, you need to manually select video & social platforms everytime you want to share. But with Elite version, you have the power to set automation rules once and share videos for weeks, months and even years in advance. Just select all videos or set rules for future times and date and they’ll get shared in one & go. It will run on automation to share your videos again and again, day & night to 5X your traffic.
With more than 800 Million monthly active users, Instagram has become the best image sharing platform. So, to reach out easily to them without any manual work, VidRankXpress gives you the ultimate power to drive viral traffic to your videos on 100% autopilot.

Just set the rules once and forget it, and be ready to get floods of laser targeted traffic without even lifting a finger.
Second, Set Social Sharing Automation Rules For The Biggest Micro- Blogging Site Twitter (Valued at $1400)
In order to take your benefits to the next level, VidRankXpress Elite Edition helps you to turn your videos into TRAFFIC Generators by driving automated VIRAL Traffic from biggest micro-blogging site Twitter faster than you ever expected.

Third, Set Automation Rules To Get REAL Viral Traffic From The Biggest Social Network For Business Community– LinkedIn (Valued at $1300)
Yes, to make VidRankXpress Elite edition the ultimate traffic powerhouse, we’re giving you the power to drive automated viral traffic by sharing your videos and get real viral traffic from LinkedIn with just a few clicks.

All you need to do is set the rules once, and forget it forever.
Fourth, 100% SEO Optimized Videos for Better Ranking & FREE Search Traffic Using Our Inbuilt Content Spinner (Valued at $1200)
It doesn’t matter if you’re not a video SEO expert. With VidRankXpress Elite Edition, you’ll be able to rank your videos better and get quality traffic to them.

Now, you too can create new and unique description for videos using content spinner and get targeted SEO traffic that accelerate your videos to get higher rankings.
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Fifth, Save Your Effort & Time By Defining Social Sharing Schedule For Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn (Valued at $1400)
Gone are the days when you had to do manual sharing for driving traffic. With VidRankXpress, you can easily set the rules once and schedule videos for a week, month, year or any time frame as you wish.

Just schedule your campaign by filling in details and VidRankXpress Elite automatically posts about your videos & special offers on Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn every day on 100% autopilot.
Sixth, Manage MULTIPLE YouTube Playlists Effortlessly (Valued at $1200)
Creating a playlist allows you to isolate a set of videos and play them in sequence. You can manage multiple YouTube playlist effortlessly.

With VidRankXpress you can search, sort and delete playlist, and everything is really fast and easy.

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100% SEO Optimized Videos for better Ranking & FREE search traffic- Create Titles, Tags and Unique Description using our inbuilt Content Spinner
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Set social sharing automation rules for hottest image sharing giant- Instagram
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Drive set & forget automated viral traffic from the biggest micro-blogging site Twitter
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Set automation rules to get REAL Viral Traffic from the biggest social network for business community– LinkedIn.
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Save your effort & time by defining social sharing schedule for even months in advance for Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn:
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Manage MULTIPLE YouTube playlists effortlessly
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